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MyTi.One is not just another tablet... It is uniquely designed to address the productivity needs of students and professionals who not only consume content but 'create'. With a perfect balance of productive and creative design it is a perfect portable companion for those on-the-go. In one line it is a "Power-packed Notebook with ease".

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Papers are here to stay

Let's face the fact! Papers are indispensable in classrooms. Yet tablets are certainly revolutionizing the way we learn and consume content. MyTi.One aims to fill this gap to make tablets more naturally integrated in classrooms. All you have to do is simply write notes on paper and it is converted to digital format! instantaneously!!

Swype to Perfection

Feeling awkward with the on-screen keyboard for typing? With MyTi.One you don't have to rub your fingers on the screen or cramp your fingers on the small external keyboards that you have to carry. With ergonomically comfortable WTH Pad and MyTi Pen, simply make swype gestures on the pad and voila! you can type much faster and with ease!

Is it a Pen? Is it a stylus? It's both...!!!

With MyTi Pen you can not only make notes on the screen...but also on paper! Just flip the tip and it becomes a pen from Stylus! Be it designing graphics or making notes with the precision as low as 0.3mm, MyTi Pen is the best thing that has happened to a tablet.

Writing was never more exciting!

With MyTi.One you will realize how natural it is to write... You can create pdfs on-the-go and share your notes with friends, teachers, colleagues via Bluetooth or email in no time... Be it class notes or memos of the meeting, you will not need to run for scanning your notes again!

My Notes-My Way

Ever dreamed of a tablet on which you can read and make notes at the same time? MyTi.One fulfills that dream! With MyN-My Notes you can read ebooks and make notes at the same time! Not just scribbling comments but full-fledged notes! MyN is a one-stop app for creating, organizing, sharing your ebooks and notes.

Ergonomic Design

It's not enough to have a cool looking tablet! It should be productive too... MyTi.One is designed for this very purpose... With patented WTH pad, MyTi.One gives you ergonomically comfortable and productive approach to making notes or typing... After MyTi.One, life will never be the same again...

Multi Functionality

MyTi.One is designed keeping your needs in mind. It can be used in various modes, it is practically a swiss-army-knife of tablets.

When you open MyTi.One like a laptop, you can clip papers (or write on the WTH pad directly) and start making notes. Or you could simply type using WTH pad's keyboard in landscape or portrait modes.

With the patented symmetric tablet, you can flip the tablet and connect to the WTH pad you are ready to use MyTi.One in stylus mode i.e. scribble directly on the screen

Feeling nostalgic? Just detach the tablet part and use it like any regular tablet only better with awesome specs. Better still, you can connect the WTH pad to your PC if you are missing the MyTi way of typing!

It is one perfect companion to carry along. Close it like a book. Like a diary, it has got some papers to scribble, keyboard and a tablet. A complete power-packed notebook we would say!

A Power-packed Notebook indeed!

Many hybrids have come and gone... MyTi.One doesn't claim to replace your laptop but it comes close fulfilling your needs. It has all the good things of a regular tablet with a powerful processor and memory in place it can play 3D games, videos, music with ease.