We are now part of the innovation zone@EFY Expo 2013

We are happy to announce that “MyTi.One” is now part of the innovation zone at Electronics For You Expo 2013. ‘Innovation zone’ is meant for showcasing exciting new “Made in India” products for encouraging innovators. For more details about innovation zone check the following link.


MyTi Tips for choosing the right tablet #2

If CPU were the brain of ur tablet… Battery would be the digestive system or blood pumping heart… We all know that feeling when the battery goes down at a critical moment of need (or when it stops in the middle of the game or movie ur playing… :) ). Battery is the most unreliable and dispensable part of any mobile system. It’s capacity deteriorates over a period of time with the no. of charging cycles. In this post let us analyse the battery specs that are not very well mentioned by most companies.

Most often, we find people asking “how long does the battery last?” It is more sensible question (when asked for various use cases) in comparison to asking the capacity of the battery. Manufacturers advertise that their tablet lasts for 6hrs of battery or 260 hrs of standby time. But if ur careful enough u will probably find a star or term that suggests it is  tested under ideal operating conditions. Battery life largely depends on ur usage patterns. The more intense applications u run the more current you draw from it. The faster it drains the faster it loses its capacity. As simple as that.

Since usage pattern is in ur hand, from manufacturer point of view battery life depends more on the design & choice of the inner components in such a way that it caters to most common usage patterns with less strain on the battery. The capacity of the battery is often mentioned in mAh (for e.g. 3200mAh). This tells us the battery will be able to deliver 3200*3.7=11840mW=11.8Watts of power for an hour (standard voltage of Li-ion battery=3.7V). This means ur CPU, RAM, display and other components draw 2W power or 2W/3.7V=540mA current (and trust me it has to be a really good design to get below this number). As 3200mAh/540mA=5.9, it should last for around 6 hours.

Display is the major power consuming part in a tablet. That is why battery lasts long in stand-by mode (and ur battery loves to be in stand-by mode drawing power very slowly). So if there is bigger display (say 10″) it draws more current than a smaller display (7″ or 5″). So, the bigger the display, bigger battery u need. No wonder Apple’s iPad uses 25Wh battery (~7000mAh). Unfortunately, bigger battery adds to the weight. Typically it accounts for 30-60% of ur total tablet weight.

So, choosing the right battery to fit in a tablet is a delicate balance of size, power and weight of the tablet. With a great design u can get as much battery life as a bulky tablet with big battery capacity. On the opposite side, more battery capacity doesn’t necessarily  translate into more battery life.

There are many finer details about the choosing the right quality of a Li-ion battery. As we can’t control the manufacturers in their choices of components, it is always wise to choose a design that is well-planned and designed keeping in mind the usage patterns of the targeted end-user. Sometimes, even big brands don’t take care for these details to reduce time-to-market and monetize the market opportunities instead of spending time in developing a solid device. Now, I don’t have to take names of those half-baked tablets in the market do I? :)


MyTi Tips for choosing the right tablet/phone #1

Often, people ask me a question – “how is your tablet different from Akash tablet?” or why is it costlier than a Rs. 3000 device. Most people are not aware of the details that are commonly advertised (or hidden in a huge pile of tech specs!). There are various parameters to consider before purchasing a tablet. In a series of posts we will have a look at each of these specs individually and try to understand how they might influence your purchase choice.

Apart from the trivial specs such as storage space and battery life, there are finer details that are very important if u want to have a usable tab…or else ur newly purchased tablet is going to land in ur very own pile of e-waste.

Let’s start with the CPU…the brain of a tab (or any computing device)… A common misconception is that more the clock speed/frequency the better it is…It is not necessarily true… Any processor has a some maximum frequency specified & supported officially. For example, Cortex-A8 has maximum supported frequency of 1GHz…(min. 600MHz). Cortex-A8 runs with 2.0 DMIPS/MHz which means that it can do a lot more millions of calculations if you have more MHz frequency. Hackers and even many tablet manufacturers tend to run their devices at higher clock speeds to extract more performance out of the processor. This is method is known as overclocking.

But the problem with this is method is that with more clock speed power consumption increases proportionally… It is much like increased metabolism or energy burn out when ur running… and naturally u get tired after working out for long…a similar phenomenon in the CPU causes stability issues… random reboots and app crashes will become more frequent. Heating up even while doing trivial tasks is another side-effect of this. So make sure ur device isn’t overclocked for the architecture it uses.

ARM Processor

Another important feature of CPU specs that is going to be increasingly popular is the number of cores…(very much like the PC market) many dual core tablets have already started making their presence. The notable ones being Apple’s very own A5, A5X and TI’s OMAP4 series, Nvidia’s Tegra2&3 etc. Some quad core models with Tegra4 have been introduced too…

Unless ur a hard core gamer… u wouldn’t probably need a multi core processor…at least most of the existing apps are not updated to take full advantage of the multiple cores. So if you are going to keep ur tab in sleep mode most of time & using to check ur mails occasionally, you don’t have to go for a fancy or costly device with quad-core processor. Another interesting thing about multi-cores is that though the no. of cores increase performance, power consumption does not increase proportionally. Rather, the power consumed is lowered in Cortex-A9 dual core processors by as much as 50% in comparison to Cortex-A8 for similar performance output. So if you are looking for a gaming marathon device, Cortex-A9 based tab would be a better choice.

I hope u find this article informative… Keep checking this space for updates about other finer details of tablet specs. If u have any queries/comments feel free to post here…

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Prototype Showcasing@EFY Expo 2013

With the CAD design getting its final touches and patent application procedure in full swing, we are now looking forward to showcasing our prototype of our tablet MyTi.ONE at the Electronics For You Expo (from 21st-23rd February, 2013) @Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. I invite all my friends, well-wishers to visit us and encourage us to pursue the ‘MyTi’ effort. For more details check http://2013.efyexpo.com/

We are now officially “MyTi Technetronics Private Limited”

Our Brand-new Logo!!!

We have registered our firm under the name “MyTi Technetronics Private Limited”. And…we have a brand-new logo too!!! :)   This logo represents our fundamental philosophy of balancing structural thinking & creative imagination leading to “MyTi” products (read: Mighty) for our MyTi customers. With the blessings & encouragement of our well-wishers we are moving forward to making this project successful.



@7th ICOMM

We were so happy to be invited by CMAI, the largest telecom, mobile association in India for the 7th ICOMM Consumer Mobile & Tablets Fair that was held on 14-15 September, 2012 at NSIC grounds, New Delhi.
It was a great opportunity for us to meet Business Tycoons from Indian Mobile Industry, several Indian/Chinese companies and about 40 manufacturers of Handsets from China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hongkong, Singapore and Indian brands and VAS/Telecom companies. It was very exciting to meet these people & some of them have really interesting products/services to offer.
Especially Binatone’s KidZStar caught our eyes as it was a cool product for kids. A tablet with shock-proof material cover that makes it safe in the hands of kids. The attached stylus (albeit capacitive) was a nice touch… though it was good enough for basic drawing & playing it had good build quality. Datawind’s ubiSlate (basic model) update didn’t impress much on the performance front. But the capacitive ones were better in UX. The known brands Micromax, LAVA, Intex, Enter etc. all had tablet models that are practically identical and there is really nothing new to talk about those!

www.telecombusiness.in is a cool start-up with a lot of potential in grabbing the much needed Indian based online business portal consisting of huge database of distributors of telecom products. We wish to see their services up & running soon…There were also a couple of QA/QC companies based in China that provide certification services that were educating… Few companies that make apps based on MRE platform (loosely equivalent of JRE for Chinese phone app development)  surprised us exposing the reality of heavy demand for the Chinese phones and apps. As a result, thousands of apps are still being developed for these :) We are sure to rock the next year’s fair with our products…Stay tuned…


What is Samsiddhi…???

If you are wondering what this word “Samsiddhi” mean…or what it is doing with a tech-based start-up that doesn’t sound techie or g(r)eeky… :) Well… etymologically… Siddhi…means perfection as all of you know… but Samsiddhi means… Perfect perfection or grammatically more suitable… “Highest perfection”… who would want to perfect perfection…??? It needs lot of motivation & perseverance to try for more perfection even after attaining perfection…that’s precisely what we have…

If you thought… ipad or samsung galaxy note is perfect …we beg to disagree… we want to go ahead perfect it all the more…We don’t want to control your usage patterns…or what you should or how you should use our device… we give YOU the control… you are not a pad (read ipad) or not an android robot to be controlled… What we give u is urs and u control it… [No wonder we named our products... MyS- My Slate & MyN- My Notepad...ok...not trademarked yet...but in process :) ]… One thing for sure…once we get to the perfection…we won’t stop there…we strive for more perfection…we don’t believe it can ever be achieved…but can only come closer…[read: Zeno's Dichotomy Paradox! :) ]

If you want to know more about what we are up-to… stay tuned…we will update our product info etc. soon… :)

If you want to take part in our efforts…or just wanna ‘help’ us…please feel free to contact… samsiddhi@outlook.com