1. How is your tablet different from XYZ tablet?
A. Please see the features page (and the video if possible) to understand the unique functionality such as note-making and ergonomic typing etc. But it also has all the features of a regular android tablet. Only better!

2. I know XYZ feature exists in some form/product. So...?
A. Yeah! we are not claiming to have created the base technologies. We have made a good use of the mash-up of technologies to create a better consumer product. In the process we eliminated some problems and inconveniences that paved a way for our new patents.

3. When can I get my hands on MyTi.One?/When will it available for purchase?
A. MyTi, being a start-up can't readily afford to get to mass production right away. But with your support we can! Depending on how quickly we receive pre-order interests/signups, we can release it as early as by late June 2013 to as late as Feb, 2014. But we won't give up so easily!

4. How much is it going to cost?
A. We are trying to keep the prices in the reach of a common man. But it is only possible when we have a minimum number of devices to be manufactured. So it actually depends on you! The exact pricing details will be updated soon along with pre-order details. Drop your email id with us and we will inform you in time.

5. Since MyTi.One is detachable, can I purchase the tablet and WTH part separately?
A. Yes! But it would be nice if you can purchase the whole package together. Besides, we are planning on some introductory offers on the combined purchase.

6. I want to join/help the 'MyTi' effort. How can I?
A. Well, check the career page first. And if you can stretch, bend and expand as per needs. Do drop us a mail. If not able to contact immediately we will get to you eventually :)

7. I want to buy a tablet. What are the considerations I should take into account?
A. You may check our blog posts entitled "MyTi Tips" here (linked to http://myti.in/blog/?cat=3). These tips are unbiased and the common specs advertised by various tablet manufacturers are discussed in detail.

8. I have XYZ tablet. Does it work with the WTH pad?
A. Not really. Our design is made to work with the MyTi.One tablet. You may find a round about way to make it work but it doesn't give the best experience and hence we don't recommend it.